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I volunteer at the Bellingham Makerspace as a woodshop "Tool Champion". This is a test category for expanding on the information provided on the Bellingham Makerspace Tool Library page. At this point, I don't have much/any personal experience with some of the tools and I welcome any contributions/corrections. These pages have a lot of other possibilities (...some in the experimental stage, e.g. at the bottom of the woodshop page) and I will setup a dedicated site if/when there's interest (makers.dalrun.com currently redirects here).

Woodshop tools and info

CR Clarke 1820 Vacuum Former

C R Clarke 1820 Vacuum FormerThe work area is 19" wide by 17" deep and 12" tall. The sheet size of the thermoplastic to be formed should be 20 x 18" and no thicker than 6-8mm (~1/4-5/16").

1820 Operation and Maintenance (20pg pdf, 188KB)
A Vacuum Forming Guide (Formech 64pg pdf, 1MB)
Introduction to Thermoforming (12pg pdf, 114KB)
... more
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Rostock MAX v2 3D Printer

Rostock MAX v2 3D PrinterThe MAX v2 has a build area that is 280mm (~11") in diameter x 375mm (~14.75") tall. The manual says the highest practical build height is 350mm and the SeeMeCNC forum says ~10.5" is the maximum possible diameter. The recommended default layer height is 0.2 or 0.25mm and the practical limit is .1mm (w/ .5 nozzle and >= 5 top layers).

User manual (128pg 9MB PDF)
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Epilog Fusion 120W Laser

Epilog Fusion 120W LaserThe big laser is an Epilog Fusion M2 40 CO2 laser which has a 40" wide x 28" deep x 13.25" high workspace. It has an optional attachment for engraving cylindrical objects and it can engrave and/or cut a wide variety of materials. The material settings pdf (5 pages 88.2KB) provides more specifics, e.g. up to 1/2" thick cutting of wood and acrylic (...the software has lots of presets). While pretty much anything that can be printed can be engraved (raster), cutting requires vector graphics (.eps or thin line .pdf). Previous classes have used Inkscape (free) for design and processing files for the laser.

Fusion M2 site (sample club, knowledge base, whitepapers)
Fusion M2 manual (214 pages 12.2MB)
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