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Woodshop tools, Classes and Safety and Maintenance, Repair and Whishes

X-Carve CNC Router

X-Carve CNC RouterThe X-Carve has a cutting area of 750mm wide x 750mm deep x 65mm tall (~29.5 x 29.5 x 2.5"). In theory, it can through cut material up to ~32mm/1-1/4" thick and engrave material up to ~57mm/2-1/4" thick.

The 2D software for the X-Carve is Easel. a free online program that you can use from any computer. A good place to start is the Learn Easel in 4 Minutes video. Using V-bits (V-Carving) to achieve 3D effects requires Easel Pro which can be used 4 days per month for free (paid monthly and day passes also available). True 3D carving using Fusion 360 (free for startups and hobbyists) appears to be somewhat involved.

Projects - video tutorials and many ready to go things to make w/ the X-Carve.

X-Carve Troubleshooting and FAQ's, e.g.:
   Carving Bits 101 - Bit Basics

Easel videos, guides and tutorials, e.g.:
   Walkthrough Tutorial: Pen Tool
   SVG Import Guide (e.g. from Inkscape)

While the above links are from zendesk.com, they are also available via desk.com
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Sawstop CB3120 Industrial Cabinet Saw

Sawstop Industrial Cabinet SawThe Sawstop has a 36" rip capacity and a 3-1/8" maximum depth of cut. The 10" blade mounts to a left tilting 5/8" arbor. It saw has/will have an easy to change segmented guard for standard cuts and a riving knife for blind or narrow cuts.

Tablesaw Usage and Safety - Makerspace specific, comments/suggestions welcome (22KB PDF).
Using the Sawstop - Sawstop manual pages 27-39 (7.2MB PDF)
Full Manual (15.3MB PDF)
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Dewalt DW734 Thickness Planer

Dewalt DW734 Thickness PlanerThe DW734 can plane boards up to 12-1/2" wide and 6" thick. Recommended maximum depth of cut varies from 1/32" for wide boards to 1/8" for narrow boards. Minimum board length is 12". Minimum board thickness is 1/8".

Manual (1.4MB en pdf)
Parts (type 1 or 12??)
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Classes and Safety

Using the woodshop machines requires demonstrated knowledge of safe usage. Training and testing are a work in progress. While we are working on the demonstrated knowledge aspect, the only upcoming machine related class I am aware of is Sign Making with the CNC Router (info @ Eventbrite).

What you would like to make, learn or teach?
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Maintenance, Repair and Wishes

Please use the comments [new] link to report any issues with the woodworking shop tools. Ideas for improvements would also be welcome.
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