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Maintenance, Repair and Wishes

Please use the comment link to report any issues with the woodworking shop tools. Ideas for improvements would also be welcome.

Known issues:
  • Jointer blades need replacing
  • Mitersaw fence needs notch for right clamp, spare blade needs sharpening
  • X-Carve needs dust shoe, fixed limit switches?
  • Edgesander table needs fence (and 80 grit belt?)
  • Hose for compressor unloader valve
  • Tablesaw table extension needs to be moved up
  • Hangers for bandsaw fence, jointer push sticks, etc.
  • Pegboard wall etc. organizing
  • A dedicated cordless drill, battery, charger rack
  • Workbench in woodshop
  • Tablesaw sled, outfeed table and zero clearance inserts
  • Storage cabinet on Sawstop base
  • Extension cord hook by exterior door
  • Drill press T-slot mounted vise board
  • X-Carve X-axis stiffening
  • Wagon type handle for moving edgesander
  • Tools
    • Utility vise
    • Drill press compound vise
    • Pipe or large bar clamps
    • Pocket hole and dowel drilling jigs
    • 6mm collet for the X-Carve

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