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Maintenance, Repair and Wishes

Please use the comments [new] link to report any issues with the woodworking shop tools. Ideas for improvements would also be welcome.

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Tablessaw, Joiner and Planer
Posted by Dave L on Tuesday, 15-Jan-2019

I'm working on getting a guard, wrenches and gauge (... got the gauge and one wrench) for the tablesaw. I'll be repairing the broken off support leg and seeing if I can get the mobile base to work better (probable cause of the broken support)... Mobile base needs 2 new wheels (ultimate cause)... Mobile base/support fixed. There is a crosscut sled (under the counter left of the saw), but it needs work. Featherboards, shop made or purchased, would be nice. The current push sticks are a bit limited, more options would be nice. Ideas for storage of accessories (currently bottom drawer left of the saw) would be welcome (e.g. board mounted to extension table with labeled mounting for blades, wrenches, etc.)

...jointer knobs found

The planer feed stutters when planing wide boards with typically acceptable 1/2 turn 1/32" cuts. One roller bushing is noticeably worn and I'm working on getting a replacement. In the mean time, please use 1/4 turn (1/64 VS typically acceptable 1/32) cuts on wide boards.

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