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Masking Tape Dispenser

Masking Tape DispenserAfter doing a bunch of seaming I went to eBay to look at tape dispensers and found this Big Inch No.4 dispenser. Its big and heavy but its ability to dispense cut pieces of tape in varying lengths is very handy for veneering, e.g. cross taping veneer seams. For most tasks I prefer 1/2" wide tape so I added a wood block with a utility knife blade mounted to it that splits 1" tape before dispensing it.

I haven't seen any more for sale and don't know if the cheap electric alternatives (e.g. Royal TD100 @ < $25) are any good.

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Re: Masking Tape Dispenser
Posted by Picture Framer Marie on Tuesday, 18-Aug-2015

Re: Masking Tape DispenserI used gummed paper tape daily in Picture framing sealing the backs of frames, and though to share this product range with you. Ready made, fairly pricy, but a great time saver.


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Re: Masking Tape Dispenser
Posted by Dave on Sunday, 10-Jan-2016

Cyklop-USA (above link) distributes one electric feed and cut PSA tape dispenser, the Italian made SAE-75 that sells for ~$1300!.

Better Packages replaced my manual machine with the PS2A, a ~$500 electric feed and cut machine (max 2" wide tape VS 3" for the Cyklop).

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