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Full Overlay Undermount

6-24-18: Updated drawings with drawer boxes sized to provide consistent top drawer face reveals (24) and clearance (6.5). Drawer box increments match face increments (5,9,10). System/shifted registration examples are aligned/comparable. Examples are balanced 3g/1.5r 19mm panels. For 3/0r, shift the system rows down 1.5 or decrease top face reveals by 1.5 (and use hinge plate adjustment to move doors down 1.5). Blue is good, red is potentially bad.

Full Overlay UndermountShifted registration layouts (48mm starts). The first is straight 32mm system and requires that the slides be mounted using the lower (by 12mm) row of mounting holes (not all undermounts have them). The second layout uses 32mm smaller bottom drawer boxes and standard/top mounting holes to improve the usable space for all but the bottom drawers. The third layout has 12mm smaller bottom drawer boxes mounted 12mm higher. It requires slides with two rows of mounting holes and a second set of incremental drawer boxes (32m - 73 bottom, 32m - 51 everywhere else). The forth layout requires drilling special mounting holes for the bottom drawer to allow center (only) registration using 32mm smaller bottom drawer boxes.

Full Overlay UndermountSystem registration layouts (32mm starts). The straight 32mm system layout works with all undermount slides and can use top or bottom (32mm increment boxes not required) registration. The minus 32 bottom box layout requires a lower row of mounting holes and off system rails (if used), the shifted registration version requires neither. The minus 20 bottom box layout is the system registration version of the minus 12 bottom box with the addition of off system rails. The only difference between the two center registration layouts is that this one requires additional mounting holes for all but the bottom drawer (VS bottom only).

The 32mm system layouts have consistent top and bottom drawer face reveals, the minus 32/12/20 layouts have consistent top reveals. The 32mm system, minus 32 and center registration layouts have 32mm increment drawer boxes, minus 12/20 bottom drawer boxes are 12/20mm smaller (not the same increments as the rest of the boxes). The top row mounted 32mm system and minus 32mm methods work with all drawer slide types, the 12/20 method only works with 2 row slides. The tradeoffs are consistency VS usable space. The center only (true HO/RI center indexing has equal t/b reveals) indexing options are usefull when drilling centered adjuster and pull holes at the same time. Note that all but the 32mm system layouts have one less drawer box size. The same is true for any layout with a bottom drawer box that is one increment larger than the one above, e.g. 5,6,6,7.

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