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Posted by Dave on Thursday, 28-Nov-2013

Any partial depth/height horizontal construction element that ties the box sides together. The most common use is between/behind the top drawer and a door (or drawer). A stretcher at the back of the cabinet, used for mounting it to the wall, is a nailer. A vertical stretcher at the front of the cabinet, e.g. in front of a sink, is an apron. The top/deck of the cabinet can be a panel or two stretchers

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Re: Stretcher
Posted by Terry on Tuesday, 16-Apr-2019

Hey Dave, is there a standard width for stretchers when using 32mm system?

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Re: Stretcher
Posted by Dave L on Saturday, 20-Apr-2019

I try and stick with balanced boring that reuses a setting/setup used elsewhere. I'll try attaching a pdf example.

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