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System 32System 32 is Hettich's 32mm system and is one of the the oldest 32mm systems. What is currently available on Hettich's System 32 (pdf below) is from the front of one of their catalogs (2017). What is presented is a fully balanced panel, system rows are 37mm from the front and back of the panel (balanced rows) and the system row start holes are 1/2 the panel thickness (e.g. 9.5) from the top and bottom of the panel (balanced start holes). The top and bottom system holes are used as construction holes (SAC). I'm not aware of any material that covers how door and drawer faces integrate into this system. The only possible/logical/workable paths to modular 32mm cabinetry is half-overlay or inset cabinetry.

32mm system rows (doors and drawers not covered)

5093_system_32.pdf System 32.pdf (260KB)


OriginsHettich's 1996 Furniture Hardware catalog says that "System 32 was developed by Hettich of Germany in collaboration with manufacturers of particle board, drilling machinery and cabinets over 25 years ago" (pg 1.2). I don't know when that was first written, but that puts the creation of their system sometime prior to 1971. Most sources claim the 32mm System was developed to help rebuild Europe after the damages of World War II, i.e. post 1945. There is a significant gap between 1945 and 1971 (26 years), but I am not aware of any prior systems.

A difference from this catalog and later ones is that no direct connection is made between system holes and construction holes. While the drawing looks like the system row start hole would fall in the middle of the box bottom, the distance is not specified. This catalog also mentions an 8mm hole "construction joint" (pretty standard), the 2017 catalog examples all use 5mm system holes as construction holes (SAC).
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