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Estlcam v12 has been released. V12 has a lot of interesting new features as well as a lot of changes to the interface and how things work. A keyword search for v12 will turn up notes I've made about v12 (VS v11) elsewhere on the site. Note: The controller firmware has not changed and v11 remains usable after installing v12.

Estlcam v12 beginner tutorial

CAM Changes

Changes that I've noticed while playing with v12 (incomplete and not up to date).
  • New
    • tool settings and types, e.g. drills, profile, tapered ballnose, laser, etc.
      • can Carve with tapered/v-bits that have round or flat tips
    • negative invertable tabs
      • path can be set to clear clamps (negative height)
      • clamp tabs can be machined off (inverted path)
    • workspace/material mask (L/F or center origin only)
    • origin margin/center (paths or workspace, not drawing)
      • single click center origin and single entry corner offset origin
      • paths origin if workspace undefined (0/0)
    • custom reference/anchor point for Select tools (paths only)
    • mouseover path highlighting
      • adds a noticeable delay when selecting/deleting a lot of paths :(
      • loss of right click menu options, e.g. Group :(
    • measuring tool snaps to drawing elements
    • SVG Unit? window converts selected units to Estlcam units (width dimension)
    • can use Select tools to modify individual drawing elements
    • L/R keys can be used to swap previously set engraving paths (L<>R)
    • more 3D/STL options, e.g. 2D conversion w/ layer list
    • three preview and controller path views - double click = top, front, or isometric
  • Changed
    • add (previously insert) function redone and improved (v12.064)
    • tool list
      • list is no longer movable, is length adjustable, works best with autohide
      • anywhere wheel scrolling (VS only over the scroll bar)
    • engraving is always bidirectional
      • next cut starts closest to where the last cut ended (always?)
      • a full depth conventional (or climb) cut finishing pass is no longer possible :(
      • unidirectional cutting (R/L P2P w/ finish allowance/tool) is no longer possible :(
    • part and hole ramping is unidirectional (was zigzag)
    • multi tool pocket cuts will always be placed at the beginning of the G-code :(
      • trying to place them later will be ignored/result in a warning message
      • carve pocketing is now a 4 step process (was 3)
    • pocketing path jogs follow contour (vs always 90 deg)
    • selecting drawing elements (before using any Select tool)
      • (Shift) right-click to (de)select one or more elements
      • Shift right-click drag to select multiple elements
      • O/L/D key + left-click to select Object/Layer/Drawing
    • point-to-point path setting mouse buttons reversed (left/follow. right/any)
    • help can be set to on demand, hover mouse and press F1 (vs on/off)
    • more remembered (vs preset) settings (e.g. autoselect)
  • Gone
    • Automatic Functions : Solid of Revolution :(
    • Drill : Thread Machining :(
    • Drill : add custom G-code to machining order :(

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User Interface

User InterfaceA couple of key changes are that most menus are now vertical (vs horizontal) and some windows (properties and tools) are now a part of the main window. Similarly, some menu items (grid, copy/paste, etc.) are now included in the main window (bottom-left corner). The initially mixed font sizes, many too small, has been improved (new image). While issues related to the new scaling function (setup : basic : scale) seem to have been fixed, using it to increase font sizes will also increase icon sizes (already much bigger than they need to be).

User InterfaceHard/impossible to select path property tools has also been fixed to better than v11 usability (new image). Scrolling in general has improved, e.g. no more need to hover the mouse over the main tool list scroll bar.
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