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Backsplash Tray

Backsplash TrayThere's only so much space on and around the lathe for tools and parts. Adding a tray to the top of the backsplash seemed like it would be a handy place for keeping tools and parts organized. Replacing the stock base tray and backsplash was the easiest way to accomplish that. I used some scrap prefinished Maple plywood and dowels/confirmats for assembly. The tray has a 1/2" lip made with Cherry edging and the bottom has six rubber bumpers to keep it from sliding around. The aluminum trays are working out well for both tools and parts. I also made a catch tray for easy cleaning and retrieval of fallen parts.

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Re: Backsplash Tray
Posted by Danny Shindle on Friday, 08-May-2020

Thanks for posting your ideas and mods. This is very helpful. I have the Micromark 7 x 16 mini lathe. In your photos I noticed the your Grizzly has a chip guard over the lead screw. This is the first I have seen this and I had been considering making one. I check Grizzly's website and their PFD parts list but does not show on the lists. Could you give me the measurement details and also maybe what gauge the metal is bent from. Thank you

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Re: Backsplash Tray
Posted by Dave L on Friday, 08-May-2020

Re: Backsplash TrayI hadn't realized that the SIEG SC2 (mine was a sample for Grizzly, they've never sold it) had to be designed specifically to accommodate the lead screw guard. With the typical top/bottom half nut design that guard is not possible (e.g. your Micromark).

The SC2 has a single (bottom, #63) half nut and a hook (#70 in the image) that mounts next to to it to prevent deflection of the lead screw and to provide clearance for the guard. While the guard is nice I think I would prefer two half nuts.

...Thanks to LittleMachineShop for their extensive collection of mini lathe/mill parts and diagrams (image source)

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