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What all modular 32mm systems have in common

What all 32mm systems have in common
  • System holes are 32mm apart and 5mm in diameter (hardware for 3mm system holes is limited).
  • There are at least two vertical rows (full or partial) of system holes that are some multiple of 32mm apart.
  • The front system row is 37mm from the front of the panel (overlay faces).
  • All system hardware, e.g. drawer slides and hinge mounting plates, is mounted to system holes.
  • Door and drawer faces are some multiple of 32mm (32m) tall minus the desired gap (g) between the faces.
  • Face edges (plus 1/2 gap) center on (system registration), or between (shifted registration), system holes.
  • The system provides a consistent relationship between the faces and cabinet sides via the hardware:
  • Hinge cups are all an equal distance from the top and bottom of the door (32m +/- 16 - 1/2 gap).
  • Drawer face mounting hardware is all an equal distance from the bottom (32m - '1/2g+BO') and/or top of the drawer faces.
What happens outside of the top and bottom centerlines, or behind the back system row, doesn't really matter. I have used the word "modular" to differentiate the above from systems that do not provide a consistent relationship between faces and system hardware/holes.

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